6 Simple Exercises to Strengthen the Trapeze

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The muscle located in the upper central part of the back and working it independently involves improving body posture and achieving a harmonious development of the whole trunk. Although you actively participate in many exercises, you can also train it independently. Try this routine to strengthen the trapeze and you will increase its strength and volume.

Aesthetically, a trapeze with just the right development looks great, but in addition, this large flat muscle, which starts at the back of the neck, is involved in basic movements such as raising the shoulders and arms or turning the neck.

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When starting out in the gym, sometimes its importance is forgotten and exercises to train the trapeze in a specific way are not performed. Including them in any routine is essential to gain volume in a proportionate manner and to increase power in strength exercises, especially if it involves lifting weight.

Although there are numerous exercises to strengthen the back at home, you can also practice a series of movements in the gym to gain muscle on the trapeze. Try this trapeze strengthening routine by doing 2-4 sessions of each exercise, with the number of repetitions ranging from 10-12 depending on your level of training. Remember to mark each movement well so that you can contract your trapeze properly and get good results in a short time:

  1. Dumbbell shoulder shrug
    It is the key exercise for strengthening the trapeze and increasing its muscle mass. Very simple but effective, especially if after doing the lift, you keep your shoulders up for a few seconds. The execution is simple: standing, with your legs slightly apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand, raise your shoulders, trying to “touch” your ears. Your arms should remain stretched out and free of tension. The movement up and down must be short and fast. You can do this by alternating your shoulders (one series with each) and finish by raising both at the same time.
  2. Shrinking with circles
    It is a variation of the previous exercise that will help you to complete and increase its intensity. Shrug your shoulders and, once raised, throw them back. Then, move them forward in two phases, first “half circle”, hold for a few seconds, and then move forward another half circle. Move them back and down again. You will notice how the trapeze stretches.
  3. Chin bar lift
    An excellent exercise to develop the trapezium with which you will also work intensely on the deltoids. Stand up, holding the bar at the height of your thighs, with your arms extended and your knees slightly bent. Raise the bar, keeping it close to your body until it is level with your chin. Your elbows will be bent and pointing outward. Hold for a few seconds and descend in a controlled manner. Breathe in on the descent and breathe out on the way up. If you want to increase the effort, add weight to the bar (discs).
  4. Dumbbell side shoulder lifts
    The so-called “birds” should not be missing from a trapeze strengthening routine. It is an exercise that affects the first third of the upper body, increasing the muscle mass of the whole area. You should stand up, with your trunk leaning forward and your legs bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and, from this starting position, open your arms laterally, as if they were the wings of a bird. Strong shoulders, powerful back, and strong trapeze guaranteed!
  5. Military press behind the neck
    Really effective at working the trapeze and arm muscles. It is a matter of placing the bar behind the neck while standing or sitting on a bench, as you prefer. Raise the bar so that it is just above your head, hold it for a few seconds and lower it. It is advisable to do this exercise without adding weight to the bar (unless your optimum physical condition allows it).
  6. Lifting your legs and arms on the floor
    You do not need any apparatus to perform this exercise to strengthen the trapeze without weights, because your body acts as the only resistance (calisthenics). Lying face down, with legs stretched out and arms extended in front of your head, try to lift, at the same time , your upper and lower extremities. Stay “in the air” as much as you can and descend. You will notice how the trapeze contracts intensely to hold the posture.

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